i-know Ovulation Testing Strips

i-know ovulation testing strips by Piramal Pharma Limited. is a revolutionary product used by women to keep a track of their ovulation cycle. Each pack contains 5-single uses ovulation detection strips.


i-know  Ovulation Testing Strips

  • What is i-know ovulation testing strips?

    i-know ovulation testing strips is a single step urine ovulation test kit which helps detect the fertile days in a month when the chances of getting pregnant are highest.

  • What does one box of i-know ovulation testing strips contain?

    One box of i-know ovulation testing strips contains - 5 pouches of ovulation testing strips, each with LH testing device a Urine Dropper and Silica Gel.

  • What is the procedure to conduct test using i-know ovulation testing strips?

    Put 3 drops of urine in the S slot of the LH testing device and wait for 5 minutes. Read the results after 5 minutes with the help of description provided with the pack.

  • Which is the best time during the day to conduct the test with i-know ovulation testing strips kit?

    The best time to conduct the test is afternoon.

  • What is ovulation?

    Ovulation is the name of the process in which a women’s ovary releases an egg. This happens once in every menstrual cycle, usually 12 to 16 days before your next cycle starts.

  • How to track your ovulation?

    When a woman’s body is about to ovulate, around 12 to 24 hours before it, her body releases a large amount of Luteinizing Hormone. Tracking the level of this hormone through i-know kit helps you to track your ovulation.

  • Where can you purchase the i-know ovulation testing strips?

    The i-know ovulation testing strips kit is available at the chemist store near you. It is also available in Apollo Pharmacy, Wellness Forever, Medplus like medical chains. You can also purchase the kit online on ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Pharmeasy, 1mg, Netmeds to name a few.

  • How to read the results in i-know ovulation testing strips?

    The test is positive if a pink line is obtained in each C and T section. However, the test is negative if only one pink line is obtained in C section.

  • Are there any storage instructions for the contents of i-know ovulation testing strips?

    Yes. The test device and the ovulation test strip should be stored in cool & dry place away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. Ensure that the device and strips are used before the expiry date.

  • What is unique about i-know ovulation testing strips?

    i-know ovulation testing strips is the first ovulation kit to be launched in the Indian market.

Success stories

- Anjali

“This product is very useful to track your fertile days in the cycle. It is on the expensive side but it’s understandable since it is a cassette form. If you are trying to track your fertile window (for PCOS/irregular cycles) then you can use the cheaper cardboard strips of other brands starting from cycle day 5/6 and then use these I know kits a day or two before your predicted ovulation day. It’s easy to use and quite accurate, if used on the right days.”

- Ankita

"Last month me and my husband thinking to plan baby. We come to know about IKnow kit we ordered through Amazon and we followed the instructions and now we are having good news.. so it is easy to use.. who all are planning for child u guys can try this kit.."

- GP

"Good ovulation kit, all 5 strips in the pack seemed to work fine though I had some confusion trying to read the results accurately. Best to try from day 11 of your cycle for those with 28 days cycle, and not day 14 as the package says. I was able to conceive in my 2nd cycle by tracking my ovulation with this kit."